Italian shapes – Formes italiennes 1985-87

In 1983, freshly graduated from University, my dream was to see the great fresco cycles of the Renaissance that up to now, I had seen only in pictures. At the end of my summer job, I embarked on a trip to Italy but once there, even if I was delighted by Giotto and Della Francesca, it was the splendid architecture of the many medieval towns I visited that made a lasting impression on me. Inspired by Mantova, Siena, Arezzo or Perugia, this set of painted blocks consists of hundreds of pieces, all reversible and painted both sides. They can be grouped in no particular order to create rhythms, patterns and the like in endless compositions. Ciao Italia bella!

En 1983, ayant terminé mes études à l’Université, mon rêve était de voir les grands cycles de fresques de la Renaissance que je n’avais vues qu’en photographies. A la fin de mon travail d’été, je partis donc pour l’Italie mais une fois sur place, malgré la beauté des oeuvres de Giotto et Della Francesca, ce fut l’architecture médiévale des villes visitées qui m’accapara davantage. Inspiré de Mantova, Siena, Arezzo ou Perugia, ce jeu de blocs est constitué de plusieurs centaines de pièces, peintes de tous côtés et donc réversibles. Elles peuvent être disposées de n’importe quel ordre pour créer des rythmes, des motifs dans d’innombrables façons. Ciao Italia bella!


  1. Oh wow! Block envy! And you have been doing this for some time. Did you play with wooden blocks as a child? My grandparents had a small, mis-matched set under their settee for visiting children. The most coveted piece was a semicircle blue arch.


    • Oh yes! At home we had a set of wood blocks, with japanese or chinese designs on them (must have been something like mahjong) and I played with them for hours… they were lacquered, shiny, tiny, very beautiful. Now as an adult, I confess that over the years, I must have created a thousand (if not more) little blocks of all kinds… so there will be more posts about them!

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